Dearest Mama

Happy sweet 78! On this your 78th spin around the sun, I wanted to express the endlessly deep well of gratitude radiating from the bottom of my heart. Of course, words are helpful but oh so limited, and even if I was of the right mind to take on such a task - a calm, empty, mindful, heartful, integrated mind - I’m sure I would still fall very short of the mark.
Then It occurred to me...the "landscape" which I planned to embed these words (the video below) actually carried far more with its inexpressibly peaceful and soul stirring motions of swirling electrons buzzing around the nucleus, the Sun, our family, the water of life, than any feeble attempt on my part. So much is said without a single word.
So I chose to leave these words off this video, so it may be enjoyed in its pure form. 
I also slowed it way down and added some peaceful music (the 2nd video) which I found quite meditative and perhaps something you could use in your meditation practice sometimes. Of course being on a screen isn't ideal, but I thought set to full screen on your iPad about 5-7 feet away, it might be interesting to experiment with. Either way, I hope it brings you some peace and rejuvenation. Your deserve the world and more.
Happiest birthday, mama. May you enjoy many many more to come.
🌞 your sunny boy 🌞

the below "Meditation Version" of the video will be ready tomorrow morning. stay tuned!
the below is just a place holder!!!